Today, we’ve got this teen girl, whose boyfriend has started controlling every part of her life:

First of all, I think you should let a parent — or another trusted adult in your life, like a teacher or counselor — know about what’s going on. Even if you’d rather handle the breakup yourself, it’s important to let an adult know about the situation. They can make sure you have all the resources and support you need as you navigate this.

When you talk, don’t feel like you have to defend or justify your decision to leave. If he starts demanding that you give him reasons, it’s because he’s looking for things he can argue with. And trust me, he’ll have a million excuses for everything he’s done wrong — but a simple and firm “this is over” is much harder for him to debate.

As for his reaction? Your boyfriend sounds like a controlling, manipulative person, and while I don’t know how he’ll respond to the breakup, I do know this: whatever he does will likely be a veiled attempt at changing your mind.


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