1. A heart-shaped kitchen spoon that’s like the grown-up equivalent of sending a love letter. Every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of their awesome friends (aka you)! It’s carved out of wild olive wood, so each spoon is completely unique — just like your friend.

2. A Friends trivia game that’ll finally put all their hours of binging to use. There are 50 questions, ranging from the easy (the name of Ross’ first wife), to the more difficult and obscure (what name is printed on the address label of Chandler’s TV guide?), so your friend will feel thoroughly challenged.

3. A fill-in-the-blank book that’ll give you a chance to tell them what you love about them. Maybe it’s a super-cool outfit you can’t get enough of, or maybe it’s their unwavering love for their friends — whatever it is, put it in writing!

4. A HelloFresh gift card that’ll eliminate the stress of having to plan AND make meals. Each HelloFresh kit includes just enough yummy ingredients to make a delicious, chef-inspired meal, so they won’t have to spend hours cleaning up the kitchen.

5. An adorable sloth plushie that doubles as a heating and cooling pad. Tell your friend to pop it in the fridge, or warm it up in the microwave — it’s fantastic for soothing bumps and bruises, or easing painful cramps. They may not be able to snuggle their pals, but at least they can snuggle this lil’ guy.

6. This PopSocket phone stand with built-in lip balm, because it’s 2020 and we deserve this kind of convenience. Your friend will have a cute, handy little stand for their FaceTime calls with you, and when their pout gets parched, they’ll have a remedy close at hand.

7. This set of donut portraits that’ll blend classy artistry (“it’s a gallery wall!”) with child-like fancy. Plus, who doesn’t love donuts? Each set comes with 12 portraits of these delectable desserts, they can arrange them however they want — maybe one in every room of the house?

8. This mini LED lamp that’ll cure gel nail polish and help them achieve salon-quality manicures at home. Sure, maybe you guys can’t go to the spa together, but this is the next best thing.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/victoriakuglin/little-gifts-for-friends

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