1. This mochi ice cream kit because spooning ice cream from a regular old pint just doesn’t cut it anymore. After all, it’s way more fun to chew the sticky mochi layer.

The kit includes some sweet rice flour, potato starch, matcha powder, cocoa powder, a dough cutter, and a silicone mochi mold. FYI, the ice cream isn’t included so you can either use the ice cream you already have on hand or try your hand at homemade ice cream.

2. A hot sauce kit to give you way more condiment options once you get tired of ketchup and Sriracha — and it’ll all taste so much better when you make it yourself.

The kit includes gloves (v. important for protecting your hands when making hot sauce), sterilization solution, a funnel, bottle labels, packets of cayenne, ancho, curry, and chili spice, pepper, vinegar, brown sugar, and six glass containers for storing your creation.

3. This mushroom log kit so you can grow your very own oyster mushrooms at home in case you can’t remember the last time you sliced some up to sprinkle on top of your pizza.

The kit includes a log with oyster mushroom spores already planted inside. All you have to do is soak the log and store it in a cool, dark place. You can actually harvest and re-soak the log every six weeks for up to three years, so this baby will pretty much pay for itself after the first few uses.

4. A gin-making kit that’ll help you ease into the delicious art of brewing your own gin at home once you run out of your favorite bottle.

The kit includes juniper berries, coriander seeds, fennel seed, cardamom pods, black pepper corns, bay leaf, rosemary, lemon peel, lavender, rose hips, two glass bottles, a sieve, and a funnel.

5. Or this ginger beer brewing kit so you can have Moscow mules to your heart’s content — or you can drink the finished product without turning it into a cocktail.

The kit includes dried ginger root, lemon peel, lime peel, coriander, cane sugar, a 1-gallon jar for fermentation, gluten-free brewing yeast, a brewing bag, an airlock, a rubber bung, a racking cane with tubing, a thermometer, and cleanser. BTW, this kit makes up to 32 cocktail servings!

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/jasminsuknanan/diy-food-kits-to-help-you-make-your-favorite-treats

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