1. A kombucha starter kit with everything you need to make that vinegary fave at home, including your own slimy SCOBY.

Each kit includes a 1-gallon glass jar, a cotton cloth jar cover, organic black tea, organic cane sugar, a tea bag, a claim code to get free SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and instructions.
Promising review: “This kit changed my world, can’t wait to never buy kombucha again and keep trying new recipes! This was easy to use (including redeeming SCOBY) and the directions was to the point and simple to follow. I loved that everything needed for the first brew was included from the tea and sugar to jar with its cloth and tight elastic.”

2. A New School course from yours truly (BuzzFeed, not me) that teaches you how to make successful videos on social media. Your TikTok career awaits!

You’ll learn how to get the most out of your inexpensive gear, find your audience, build a fan base, tell great stories, and even make money from your work. The tips and techniques are taught by Steele Filipek (Starlight Runner Entertainment) and Vinay Chowdhry (New School) with special guest experts from BuzzFeed, CBS, and AMC. They are self-guided lessons with worksheets and activity journals so you can go at your own pace. You can sample the first course for free to see what you’re getting into. Learn more about this New School course.

3. A beer-making kit with the tools and ingredients you need to convert your kitchen into a brewery.

It comes with a gallon jug, thermometer, cleanser, tubing, racking cane and tip, chambered airlock, screw-cap stopper, and mix (grain, hops and yeast). You can make tasty brews like Everyday IPA, Jalapeno Saison, and Grapefruit Honey Ale. I’ve tried the saison at a beer festival a few years ago and confirm it’s really good!

4. A calligraphy guidebook that’ll show you the ropes of fancy writing. Think how nice your name will look in swoopy script. So nice.

Promising review: “Great book. I got it as a gift and love it. I now give it as a gift to those who show interest in how I learned.”

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/bekoconnell/things-for-people-in-the-mood-to-learn

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