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1. A soothing cup of Chamomile green tea to help you process the tea you overheard at work


2. If you’re feeling particularly artistic, you can invest some time in this highly addictive paint-by-numbers painting


3. But if you’re not so sure of your skills and just want to do something that’ll get your mind off stressful things, try your hand at this adult colouring book 


4. A relaxing roll-on that’ll help you de-stress and reduce work-induced headaches with its 9 ayurvedic herbs


5. A healing clay mask that you can just apply to your face, then sit back and relax as it does wonders to reduce acne

6. Instead of spending big bucks to get a massage at a spa, you can give yourself one at home at any time with this handheld massager

7. Or you could even use this 4.5-star rated massage oil to lose yourself in the soothing scents of Jasmine and Nargis

8. There are few things as emotionally freeing as coming home from work and slipping into a comfy hoodie, that also happens to be really adorable – ₹649 onwards

9. A white noise machine so you can listen to the truly calming sounds of the ocean to unwind

And if the ocean doesn’t do it for you, the machine also comes with 6 sound modes which include white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night and brook.

10. Treat yourself to a nice long shower after work using this shower head that comes with 6 modes which will help you rid your skin off the endless amounts of dust it has gathered after a long-ass commute

The modes include rain, massage, mist, jet, water-saving, rain with mist.

11. And you can transform your shower into a haven of tranquility with these peppermint-scented shower tablets

12. A heated blanket that’ll make you feel like you’re enveloped in a fluffy cloud, after you’ve spent the whole day viciously battling your office air conditioner which will stop at nothing to freeze you to death

It’s shockproof, waterproof, and it has an auto-cut function for when it gets too hot.

13. A cooling eye gel mask with an adorable cat print is pretty much the most relaxing thing you can gift your eyes

14. Pamper yourself with this stress-relieving eucalyptus and spearmint body cream from Bath & Body Works. You’ve earned it!

15. If a large part of your day is spent walking, your feet will truly appreciate this foot bath that comes with massage rollers

The bath comes with 4 flexible massage balls and smooth pumice stones that will relieve muscle tension like a real masseuse’s hand, kneading your tired arches, soles, and balls of your feet to soothe tight muscles and relax your feet.

“I want the foot bath. That’s the thing I bought myself. I’m really psyched to use it.” – Kevin Malone.

16. A 24k gold face mask that’s been enhanced with gold mica powder, cocoa butter, and walnut shell powder for a perfect little at-home spa experience

17. A Tibetan singing bowl so you can listen to some truly peaceful sounds which will resonate with you for a long time

18. And finally, a sea breeze scented candle that’ll take you back to your favourite vacation spot where the stress of everyday life just evaporates

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