As Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford once said, “Treat yo’ self.”

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1. A box of luxurious Belgian chocolates because you don’t need anyone else to gift them to you. You can just treat yourself ’cause you’ve earned it!

2. If you’re going to be spending every day before Valentine’s hunched over a laptop, chances are your body will be an aching mess. But you can make yourself feel so much more relaxed with this heated massager

3. After a week’s worth of commuting from work via crowded trains and jam-packed buses, your hair probably feels like it’s got clumps of dust stuck to it. Invest some quality time in nourishing your hair with this hair spa treatment that’ll leave every strand squeaky clean with a brand-new shiny glow

4. An incredibly cooling aloe vera face mask to help you relax your face after you’ve spent the week trying to politely smile while you listen to random uncles and aunties offering you unsolicited advice on how to find a partner when you really just want to be single

5. A satin pyjama set for you and your BFF to make yourselves feel like you’re heroines in a Bollywood movie

6. An exfoliating Himalayan salt lychee and sweet almond body scrub that’ll give your skin the love and appreciation it rightfully deserves

7. Treat yourself to a nice long shower with this cocoa and shea shower gel which will leave your skin so damn soft you’ll constantly want to run your hand all over it

8. If you’re going to be spending Valentine’s Day without a partner, why not make it more interesting? Have a little tea-tasting party with your BFFs using this 5-star rated assorted tea box that’ll most likely lead to a lot of arguments about which one’s tastier but it’ll totally be worth it

9. A 5-star rated green tea glitter peel-off face mask which will make your face shine like the star you are

10. A hand-poured red berry scented candle that you can light up while you sit on your couch and binge-watch TV to just have a little bit more of an atmospheric setting to your Valentine’s Day

11. If you’ve always wondered what essential oils smell like but aren’t too sure about which ones to buy, just get this set of 9 which will most likely have one that you’ll cherish a lot

12. A colouring book to help you take your mind off of your last horrible breakup on Valentine’s Day. You can do better than that!

13. A pair of moisturizing socks that’ll help repair your cracked heel skin as you sleep so you can walk without going ‘ugh’ every 2 seconds

14. And if you’re going to treat your feet, you may as well as give some love to your hands which work tirelessly in pretty much everything you do. Use this 2-in-1 hand sanitising and moisturising cream that has a truly soothing fragrance

15. And finally, a self-care journal to help you reflect and track your habits so you can become the best you and live your best life


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