If you’re like me, you see or hear the phrase “self-care” and are all…

Because maybe (like me…) long baths and meditation sessions aren’t your jam, or massages and mani-pedis aren’t your bank account’s jam. Also there’s this thing called time…and those things take up a lot of it.

But being nice to yourself doesn’t have to blow up your calendar. Think about adding some of these small gestures into your daily routine — and you’ll realize that just a little TLC goes a long way.

1. Spend just five minutes outdoors.

Studies have shown that even this very short amount of time in nature can give you a mood boost. If you are outside as part of your commute already, great — maybe try putting your phone away for five minutes as an added bonus.

2. Text or call away!

Don’t feel bad about hitting up your fam and friends throughout the day! Staying connected with your ~people~ is a simple way to feel happy and loved.

3. Try an essential oil

You might just discover a new signature scent. 💁‍♀️

4. …or a mood-boosting food.

There’s a whole list of tasty, no-oven-required options that might help you perk up — snack away!

5. Pet a furry friend.

Pet parents know the joy that their whiskered sons and daughters bring to their day, but if you don’t have an animal at home — petting one of your friend’s or a passerby’s on the street can have a serious calming effect.

6. Write down something you are thankful for…

Your mom, your job, the fact that your favorite coffee shop finally caught onto the oat milk trend…

7. …and something you are awesome at.

You rock and you know it!

8. Take a quick stretch break.

Please note that I did not say “take a yoga class” or “go for a 30-minute jog.” Literally just get up from your desk, walk to the water cooler and back, and do a few arm circles. Das it, and you will seriously feel refreshed.

9. Let your inner child come out for a bit.

Doodle, dance in front of the mirror, eat a lollipop — channeling the 8-year-old you will make you smile, no questions asked. 😁

10. Wear something that invokes good memories.

Bonus points if it is also super comfy!

11. Read (or watch) something purely for enjoyment.

Whether it’s a captivating news article or a video of a baby playing with a kitten, savor a few minutes of treating your brain not to something you have to read or watch or should read or watch, but something you simply find pleasurable.

12. Daydream!

Zoning out also encouraged (maybe just don’t do it, say, in the middle of a work presentation).

13. And seriously…make your bed.

Seriously. Do it.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/vglerum/tiny-nice-things-you-can-do-for-yourself-on-the-r?origin=btm-fd

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