1. This mom, whose kid loves holding her hair while sleeping, so she put one of her extensions on his favorite lovey:

2. This mom, who gave her kid’s elf an injury so she didn’t have to move him.

3. This mom, who used the food scale to keep her kids from fighting over who gets more:

4. And this mom, who misplaced her vacuum extender, and discovered that a PVC pipe works just as well:

5. This mom, who used her mommy hook as a cabinet lock:

6. This mom, who used a popsicle holder as a burrito holder to cut down on her kid’s mess:

7. This mom, who found the back of her kid’s earring in the carpet by using a magnet:

8. This mom, who made getting ready in the morning a game to make her kids move faster:

9. This mom, who put her kid’s oatmeal in an ice cream cone so they’d eat it:

10. And this mom, whose sink was full, so she thawed her turkey in the bathtub:

11. This mom, who figured out that putting her phone in a coffee cup amplifies the music:

12. This mom, who couldn’t find her chip clips but discovered that pieces of her kid’s hanger work just as well:

13. And this mom, who put wheels on her kids’ playpen, and is basically living in 3019 while we’re all still here:

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/asiawmclain/14-moms-who-are-100-genius-and-200-hilarious?fbclid=IwAR3ZEplYltUlZ0QjAz8PCNK9f6EOn1whJnrmsGkC_P642YFoh5mUOVVYml8

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